Research & Consultancy

GIMS foundation has the ambition to become an international and renownded Expertise and Project center for the global theme of Medication Safety.

Focus is set onto the ‘practices’ (processes, structures, skills, tools) which come along with the prescribing, dispensing and final use of  (prescription and OTC) medication rather than the ‘products’ themselves.

Although active in the field of pharmacovigilance we see differences with existing structures and entities. In this theme GIMS seeks a clear pro-active attitude, both from a system analytical point of view (legislation, policy, health care structures, work processes and the diverse actors, and their corresponding critical dynamics) as well as from an individual HCP point of view (knowledge, attitude and practices).


GIMS conducts independant research (both national as well as international) in which it gathers, analyses and presents data with the corresponding conclusions and advices. In the research activities GIMS closely works together with the (international) academic world.


As a project organisation it conducts third party funded research and focussed Medication Safety projects.