I.J.T. (Ingrid) Thuis, Pharm.D.

Ingrid graduated in 2004 as a PharmD at the University of Utrecht.

As a pharmacist and healthcare management consultant Ingrid has over 12 years professional experience. Her interest in healthcare and drug safety started during her studies in Pharmacy and pharmaceutical science in combination with a drive for conducting research and improving quality of care.

Within Capgemini Consulting she had the opportunity to develop her management consultancy skills. She always focuses on possibilities to improve the management and organisation of healthcare, whether this is on a healthcare organisation level working with management or on a healthcare policy level working with ministries.

Working on international projects has her interest, and  to improve healthcare outcomes, and specifically medicine related outcomes, has grown even stronger. Seeing the different ways medicines are managed and the impact of drug related problems in low- and middle-income countries has triggered her to now make a difference in that area.

September 2016 she joined GIMS to collectively focus on improving therapeutic outcomes of medication and preventing medication related problems.


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